Parenting Tips & Resources

Parenting is tough sometimes! We at Pediatric Associates, Inc. want to be there with you to help you along the way, through every stage, and for all of your concerns and questions.  We compiled a list of handouts and resources regarding common topics and questions that often come up for parents and caregivers.  If you have an infant, toddler, school-aged child, or teen, we hope you will find some useful information and tips for a variety of topics below.  As with all things parenting, every child is different and has different needs, so please be sure to reach out to your pediatrician if you have any specific questions regarding these topics or any other topics for your child.


The Power Praise 

Special Time

Tips for Better Zzz’s for Kids & Teens 

Paying Attention to Your Child

Structure, Schedules & Routines …… Oh My! 

Giving Great Instructions 

Transition Success

Feelings Identification & Expression

Figuring Out Frustration

Help Your Child Build Resiliency to Cope With Stress

Books & Resources