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Telemedicine “Virtual” Visits: Tips for a GREAT visit with us online!

Virtual Visits are Here!
To meet your needs in the time of COVID-19, and to continue to provide convenient access to your doctors, Pediatric Associates is now offering TELEHEALTH (“virtual”) visits from the comfort of your own home.  Certain visits will be appropriate for this service, … Continue reading

Recommended COVID-19 Resources For Families

There are many good resources for families on the Internet for COVID-19.  We’ve picked a few that we feel are reliable and reasonable, and have listed them here. (sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics)
Ohio Department of Health
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Ohio-AAP-COVID-19 … Continue reading

Warm Weather means Hand-Foot-Mouth (HFM) season

by Jumana Giragos, MD
Hand-foot-and-mouth (HFM) disease is a common childhood infection caused by a virus that results in a characteristic rash. The rash consists of small, blister-like bumps in the mouth (usually in the back near the tonsils) and a rash on the palms and soles. … Continue reading

Rashes: When to call, and when to relax

by Diana Wagner, MD
Rashes- When to Call
Rashes are very common, from infant to adolescents.  Most of the time, they look worse than they are, in terms of your child’s health.  It is rare that a rash would need to be seen in an emergency room or urgent care.  … Continue reading

Fast Facts about “MONO”

by Barbara Jo Rayo, MD
Mononucleosis, which is often called “mono” or “kissing disease,” is an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. It is very common and affects more than 3 million people in the US per year. … Continue reading

Fever: Is It Dangerous? The REAL Story

by Amy Deibel, MD
Fever phobia is a very common cause of visits to the emergency room and late night calls to our on-call doctors. Why do parents fear fever so much? No doubt about it, a fever makes your normally pleasant child look and feel miserable. … Continue reading

Doctor Talk: Why Is My Toddler Such A Picky Eater?

The “Picky” Toddler Appetite
By Bill Long, MD
Parents often will describe their toddlers as becoming “picky” eaters. This could mean one of a couple of things, as there are several types of “picky” eating.
The first (and the most common) type is that toddlers just “pick” when they want to eat, … Continue reading

Doctor Talk: Common Teething Questions–Answered!

Commonly Asked Teething Questions Answered
by John Toth, M.D.
Question 1.) How do I tell the difference between teething and an ear infection?
Answer 1.) Ear tugging is not a reliable indicator of an ear infection as the nerve that goes to the ear also goes to the jaw. … Continue reading