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Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, we apologize that we cannot accept school forms or medication forms by drop-off. You must have had a physical that is current within the past year to complete school physical forms. Please fax the form to the number below or mail it to our office Attention: Medical Records Clerk.HILLIARD: 614-529-2370LEWIS CENTER: 740-657-8100PICKERINGTON: 614-863-7388WHITEHALL: 614-434-2701Forms will be completed within 3-5 business days. … Continue reading

Real Answers about Adolescent Contraception

Contraception & Why It Is Important
Dr. Molly Falasco
Adolescence is a magical time fraught with hormones, angst, and that feeling of invincibility.  Between the acne breakouts and school dances, however, teenagers have to figure out how to grow up.  More difficult still is “getting through” to a teen on his/her quest to independence.  … Continue reading

Miralax (PEG 3350) for childhood constipation: Is it safe?

by William W. Long, MD, FAAP
There have been recent reports about children on Miralax® osmotic laxative and psychiatric side effects.  Reports of this type and questions of Miralax safety first came out in 2012, and have resurfaced on social media in the past several months. … Continue reading

Zika virus is in the news. The most important aspect for children is the effects it can have on unborn babies. This virus can cause severe microcephaly (abnormally small head) and severe developmental delays in children who are exposed to the virus prior to birth, … Continue reading