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Sports Physicals happen HERE!

Please check with us before you go somewhere else for a “needed sports physical.”
Many urgent care and other facilities are advertising “free needed sports physicals” for young athletes. The reason behind this is purely because those facilities tend to lose money during the times of the year when illnesses are low (when kids are NOT in school). … Continue reading

Flu Season 2014-2015: What You Need To Know–Frequently Asked Questions

Is the flu here now?
Yes. The number of cases of flu is going up. Ohio has not seen widespread flu, but more cases are being reported each week. The numbers of patients presenting to emergency rooms and doctor offices for “influenza-like illnesses” is above the baseline of 2%. … Continue reading

Annual Well Visits and Sports Physicals: Summer is the time!

It’s summertime! A perfect time for your child or teenager to get their annual physical. A check-up gives us the chance to see how your child is growing, monitor vital signs and perform a complete exam. It is a time when we can discuss questions about your child’s overall health, … Continue reading

Sunscreen/Sunblock: What You May Not Know

To prevent skin injury from the sun, and future risk of skin cancer, it is important to apply sunscreen/sunblock to your child.  Here are some interesting facts about these products you may not know:
You are probably not using enough.
The average adult should use one ounce of sunscreen per application. … Continue reading

Sharing Sad News

It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of our long-time friend and former colleague, Dr. Catherine (Cathy) Jenkins.
Cathy was a pediatrician with our practice for over 20 years.  She was beloved by her patients and our staff.  … Continue reading