Telemedicine “Virtual” Visits: Tips for a GREAT visit with us online!

Virtual Visits are Here!

To meet your needs in the time of COVID-19, and to continue to provide convenient access to your doctors, Pediatric Associates is now offering TELEHEALTH (“virtual”) visits from the comfort of your own home.  Certain visits will be appropriate for this service, but others WILL require an in person visit (such as ear pain, strep tests, or flu tests, for example).  If your child has an illness or a visit that is appropriate for a virtual visit, here are some helpful hints to make sure it is a good visit.

Your Home

  • Have the child in a well-lit room, that is quiet, and free of distractions (such as a video playing loudly).
  • We know this is your home.  Don’t be embarrassed by other kids running around (we want to say hi!), pets, or even dirty dishes.  We understand.  We have kids, pets, and dirty dishes too.

Your Equipment and Logging In

  • Smartphones are the BEST!!  Later model iPhones or Samsung Galaxy offer the best video and audio for these visits.
  • Try to log in about 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please use the patient’s name (not yours) when you are asked to enter a name on the screen.
  • Do the “Pre-Call Test” (button in the bottom left corner of the screen) to help us have the best connection.

Useful Tools

  • A flashlight (or other light source) that is NOT the phone you are using for the visit
  • A thermometer (or have taken your child’s temperature before the visit)
  • Your child’s most recent weight (or a scale where you can weigh them)
  • The name and location of your pharmacy, if we need to send in a prescription
  • For ADHD medication followups, click vanderbilt-assessment-parent-follow-up to download and fill out a Vanderbilt form to complete before the visit.
  • For depression and/or anxiety visits, click GAD&PAIweb and PHQ9PAIweb to complete these forms prior to the visit.

The Visit

  • The doctor will ask you questions and ask you to help us with your child’s physical exam.
  • We may ask you to undress your child so we can see rashes, or if she/he is having a hard time breathing.
  • We may also ask you to shine a light down your child’s throat, press on his/her belly, or take a temperature.
  • NOTE: it is possible that we determine your child DOES need to come in to the office for an “in person” visit.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Encourage your child to do so as well.
  • If your child has a favorite toy, or wants to introduce a family pet, we want to see that!  You are ALL part of our family.