Dr. Bee’s Buzz: Being Thankful

I am sure you are all busy with the preparations of the season.  For parents this is an especially busy and stressful time.  This week we will teach and celebrate Thanksgiving with our children and try to instill in them the meaning of this holiday.

I would encourage you to start by letting your child know how thankful you are to have them in your life.  Let them know you are thankful for them because they are unique and special and worthy not because of what they achieve, how well they behave, or how talented they are.  The self worth and self esteem that comes from being appreciated for just being “you” is priceless. When that validation is given by a parent it is even more valuable.

I once read that your child should see your face light up when they enter a room.  Just think how that would make them feel!  Teaching children to learn thankfulness or gratitude in their own lives is also important.

One of the things I often recommend to parents is to encourage their child to start a “Gratitude Journal.”  At the end of the day have the child write down 5 things, big or small, that happened that day for which they are thankful.   This helps them balance the good of the day with anything bad, and to end the day on a positive note.  It also helps foster a “glass half-full” perspective.  Help them to also learn thankfulness for the people in their lives, and not just the things they have.

We at Pediatric Associates give thanks for you, and for your families, for being in our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Boyle