Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Update–What Does It Mean for Your Child?

COVID-19 Vaccination: Questions and Answers

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout now includes people as young as sixteen.  Do you recommend it in patients this young?

YES! We believe in the safety and effectiveness of all of the COVID-19 vaccines, but only one vaccine is currently approved for children under age 18 (see below).

Now that 16-year-old persons can be vaccinated, is Pediatric Associates going to offer the COVID-19 vaccine?

Not yet.  This vaccine was designed for large vaccine clinics, and not for storage in an office refrigerator to give at regular checkups.  As we work out logistics with storage and vaccine supply, we hope to offer this in the future. Stay tuned!

If my child is eligible, where can I go to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The Ohio Department of Health has an excellent tool to guide you through the process of 1) finding out if you are eligible, 2) finding a vaccine location near you, and 3) schedule an appointment.  Go to this website for the quickest way to get this done: https://gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov/

Which COVID-19 vaccine will my child receive?

Right now, the only approved vaccines for persons under age 18 is the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, which requires two doses.  But, this vaccine, and others, are undergoing testing in younger age groups.  We expect this to change by the end of summer.

Which COVID-19 vaccine is the best for my child?

The best vaccine for your child is the vaccine your child can get as soon as possible.

If I take my child to get a COVID-19 vaccine, should I just go ahead and get her/his shots for school at the same time?

NO. Because safety and effectiveness data are not available when given with other vaccines, the CDC recommends waiting at least 14 days between a COVID-19 vaccine dose and any other vaccines (there are exceptions for vaccines that need done emergently, like tetanus after a cut, or rabies vaccine after a rabies exposure).

Where can I find more information on the COVID-19 vaccines?

Here are some reliable websites to use as resources for the COVID-19 vaccines: