The drive-through COVID-19 testing site continues to operate on the main campus of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Because of continued limited testing supplies only children who meet the criteria below will be tested.  Also, because of the number of tests being run, there is now a 7-10 day wait for results to come back.  If your child has been tested, please be patient.  The lab calls us as soon as they have the results.

Current (as of 4/6/20) COVID-19 Testing Criteria for Pediatric Patients:

IF PATIENT HAS SYMPTOMS of fever or persistent cough PLUS either A or B:

A. A significant underlying medical condition (specifically immunocompromising condition related to illness itself of its therapy or chronic pulmonary or chronic, higher-risk cardiac disease* NOT including asthma)
B. A high risk exposure factor: In-person exposure to a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 within previous 14 days.

*Children who still need major heart surgery, are blue, have only 1 pumping chamber or have problems with heart failure