Your Guide To Prevent And Treat Diaper Rash

With all the precautions new parents take to keep their newborn healthy and happy, diaper rash can sometimes be forgotten. The last thing a new parent wants is to cause their little one any pain. Yes, diaper rash hurts, so take advantage of your guide to prevent and treat diaper rash.

An Ounce Of Prevention….

The first trick to preventing diaper rash is to keep their little bottom dry. Change their diaper as soon as you notice it is wet. If your infant is suffering with loose bowels or diarrhea, be especially vigilant to remove that diaper and dry their little bottom. Clean it with warm water, soap and allow it to dry before putting on a new one. Pat gently with a soft cloth or towel and don’t rub, as it can cause chafing and irritation.

baby in diaper

Watch out for any signs of redness and treat it before the rash spreads.

After every diaper change, wash your hands to prevent any bacteria from spreading to other parts of your baby’s body.

Treatment Guide

Once your baby is suffering with diaper rash, there are some tried and true remedies.

They include the following:

  • Use soft washcloths to clean your baby’s bottom instead of baby wipes. Use warm water, and if using soap, choose something mild and unscented like Dove.
  • If your baby’s bottom is especially raw and irritated, skip the washcloth and use a squirt bottle. Cotton balls can work also if you need to remove leftover feces.
  • Purchase some thick ointments or creams and use each time you clean and dry your baby. Vaseline also works well along with any over-the-counter diaper rash treatment. Spread generously anywhere the baby’s skin is irritated. Avoid lotions with dyes or fragrance.
  • Skip the talcum powder or cornstarch.
  • Let your baby “go commando” for a while and allow the air to dry their skin.

Above all, don’t beat yourself up if your baby develops diaper rash. At some point, most babies do.

Contact Pediatric Associates if the diaper rash doesn’t improve after employing all the suggested treatments.