COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for In-Office Visits

In order to keep newborns, disabled and chronically ill patients and families as safe as we can, we now require that ALL visitors and patients over age 2 wear a face covering in order to be seen. Please wear yours to and during the visit. Homemade face coverings are welcome. Please remember this is NOT a political statement but a medical one to protect you and our staff.

• We ask that you be limited to one adult/parent/guardian for each visit unless there are specific circumstances which prohibit this.

• If you or your child are not well, we ask that you call to reschedule any well visits.

• Temperatures will be taken at the door and anyone with fever or respiratory symptoms will be asked to return during our ill appointment or telehealth times.

• Check-ins are being done remotely through your devices.  Once in the office parking lot and registration has been completed, call the office to notify us that you have arrived and you will be asked to wait in your car until notified that someone will meet you at the door to be roomed.