Covid-19 Update

Franklin County and the city of Columbus have issued a Stay At Home advisory. This is not a mandate, but we all have to take this seriously.
What does this mean at Pediatric Associates?
First of all, we will continue to do everything we can to keep you and your family safe.
We will keep up our rigorous COVID-19 pre-visit screening.
We will continue to room patients from the car.
We will continue to separate our well and non-contagious patients from our potentially contagious patients.
We will continue to require masks for those over 2 yrs old to enter our office.
We will still have our staff use masks and goggles.
We will send home any staff with symptoms, to make sure they are not contagious.
We want you to keep your appointments for well child care. It is important to keep up on needed evaluations of growth and development, and stay up to date on vaccines.
We will offer virtual visits for certain ill visits and follow up visits, to reduce your risk of coming out into a public place.
We will still see your child if he/she is sick. We have taken every precaution available to help you and your family. WE WON’T CLOSE.
We will continue to be here for you and your children.