Updated COVID-19 Testing Criteria

This is an updated COVID-19 testing pre-screening criteria we are now using in our offices, to send patients to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Testing Center.
Note that the CDC does NOT recommend routine screening in asymptomatic individuals before entering schools, as these tests can be misleading.

Most COVID 19 testing is done through Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) testing center; we prescreen to see if your child meets the testing criteria:

Nationwide Children’s Pre-Screening Criteria for COVID-19:

Child has current symptoms of FEVER or PERSISTENT COUGH AND meets ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:

• Child has an immunocompromising condition (related to illness itself or its therapy) or chronic, higher-risk cardiac* or chronic pulmonary disease (not including asthma)**

• Known in-person exposure to CONFIRMED case of COVID-19 within previous 14 days

• Child lives in the same household as someone who is older than 65 years of age or who has an immunocompromising condition

• Child lives in the same household as a health care worker or first responder

• Child attends group daycare outside of the home

** Asthma and diabetes are excluded given lack of evidence in pediatric patients that these underlying diseases are associated with greater morbidity during COVID-19 illness.

If your child does meet these criteria, call our office and receive instructions on how to obtain testing.

If your child does not meet the criteria for testing, but  needs a test for return to work or school, please call our office during business hours Monday-Friday 8AM to 4:30 PM to inquire about an order for testing.

If your child does not meet criteria for testing, but has concerning symptoms, or an exposure, call our office to see about scheduling a telehealth visit or an in-person visit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.