Our COVID-19 Vaccine Statement and Recommendations

Pediatric Associates Family,

We endorse the COVID-19 vaccine in the 5 to 11 year old age group. This vaccine has been highly successful at preventing hospitalizations and deaths in the other age groups where it has been given FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). It has also been highly effective at preventing symptomatic illness from COVID-19.

We believe in the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine, and we will be offering this to our patients in our offices. We will be limited by supply and storage considerations, but plan to have it available to our patients as best as we can. We also encourage you to have your children receive the vaccine wherever you can schedule an appointment. That could be at the health department, your local community hospital, or the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The support of this vaccine, like our support for other vaccines, is motivated solely by medical evidence and our commitment to the health of your children and our community. We have no financial or political gains for our recommendations. For more information, see our Vaccine Facts Sheet, on our social media pages, courtesy of content expert Katelyn Jetelina, MD (Your Local Epidiemiologist on Facebook), and have a discussion with your child’s pediatrician.

Thank you always for your hard work as parents, and your support of our practice during this pandemic.

Schedule an COVID-19 Vaccination

Pediatric Associates, Inc. offers COVID-19 vaccinations for patients 5 and older in the greater Columbus area. For more information about vaccination availability and to schedule an appointment, please contact our office and request an appointment today!