Sports Physicals happen HERE!

Please check with us before you go somewhere else for a “needed sports physical.”

Many urgent care and other facilities are advertising “free needed sports physicals” for young athletes. The reason behind this is purely because those facilities tend to lose money during the times of the year when illnesses are low (when kids are NOT in school). Some places are offering “free” sports physicals, but beware of other charges, and also be aware they may NOT give your child needed immunizations and other screenings.

While these clinics advertise that sports physicals may be “needed” the most likely case is that your child does NOT need one of these “sports physicals.”

Why is this? Well, if your child is up to date on his/her annual checkup in our office, then it is likely we can use THIS visit as an equivalent to a “sports physical.” Remember that these “sports physicals” at other facilities are not as in depth and are done by a provider who does NOT know your child. Plus, if there are any problems, or if the “other” provider asks us to clear your child for sports, we cannot provide clearance unless we ourselves have done the most recent examination.

 We are making room to get your child in for these sports physicals. Please call our office to find out if your child is due for another annual exam, and arrange this with us. Most schools have a deadline of early August.