Children Behavioral Health Care in Columbus, OH

Behavioral health concerns?  Pediatric Associates, Inc. has your back!  Did you know we have an entire TEAM for this?  In addition to your pediatrician and nurse practitioner, we also have behavioral health clinicians, phone triage nurses, care coordinators, and referral specialists all on staff at Pediatric Associates, Inc.

We know that all kids and families experience stress, and sometimes we all need a little extra support or skills to get through these tough times.  At Pediatric Associates, Inc., your pediatrician is mental health provider speaking with a child.always a great place to start to help figure out what your family needs when it comes to behavioral, emotional, and social concerns.  In addition, your pediatrician may recommend involving one of our behavioral health clinicians, care coordinators, or referral specialists in your child’s care.  Our TEAM is here for you!

Urgent mental health concerns? Call us first!  During normal business hours, our phone triage nurses are available to help talk through your concerns, make recommendations, and schedule follow-up visits.  When possible, seeing us in the office is typically faster and less expensive than other options for urgent/emergency services. Outside of business hours or if you’re unable to reach our staff immediately, here is a list of resources available in your community:  988 (National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline), 614-722-1800 (Local Youth Crisis Line), 614-276-2273 (Local Adult Crisit Line), 888-418-6777 (Mobile Response and Stabilization Services), or Text “HOME” to 741-741.


What is a behavioral health clinician? A behavioral health clinician is a provider who is specially trained to help kids, teens, individuals, and families with concerns about emotions, behavior, parenting, health habits, attention, psychological factors impacting medical conditions, and adjustment to stress.  Behavioral health clinicians at Pediatric Associates, Inc. provide brief interventions, as needed over the years your child is being cared for by our team.  They are licensed as social workers, counselors, and psychologists and collaborate closely with your pediatrician and nurse practitioner.

What is a care coordinator? A care coordinator is a healthcare professional who helps manage and coordinate your child’s treatment plan.  They can help educate you on your child’s needs and can help connect you with other health professionals, as needed.

What is a referral specialist? A referral specialist is a staff member who can assist you and your providers in linking you with other health professionals in the community.  They can also help you navigate insurance as you choose outside specialists needed for your child’s care.

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We are honored to care for your child and strive to provide the best team-based care your child deserves!